The Angels + Refugee Entrepreneurs Program is a unique joint program between Jumpstart and Ontario Angel investors aimed to empower and support refugee entrepreneurs. Refugees with innovative businesses or business ideas will have the opportunity to grow their knowledge in entrepreneurship and have access to workshops, resources, as well as mentorship from angel investors. Entrepreneurs will present their ideas to Angel investors for a chance of funding and support.

This a pilot program will be run for Syrian Refugees from Jan – April 2019. The program will be open to all refugee entrepreneurs after the pilot phase. The project will include:

  • Two half days training sessions by industry experts and Angel investors. Participants will learn about validation a business idea, writing a business plan, building a team and strong advisory network, and how to raise capital from grants, financing or angel investing

  • Support by Jumpstart Team with business pitch preparation

  • Five entrepreneurs will be selected to pitch their business or idea to a panel of Angel investors

  • Winning entrepreneurs will be funded to grow or start their business

If you are a Syrian refugee with a current business or have a business idea and plan, you can join the program by emailing

If you are passionate investor or private sponsor interested in supporting refugee entrepreneurs, contact us at

For more information please contact