Are you an employer looking to hire? Perhaps you are simply looking to assist newcomers by assisting them in their Canadian career development. In either case, Jumpstart is here to help! We are dedicated to ensuring that the skills of Syrian newcomers are harnessed in an effort to bridge the gap between newcomers and the Canadian labour market.

We begin by developing a skills profile, which details the educational and/or work backgrounds of the newcomers. After collecting this data and inputting it into our Jumpstart database, we will connect them with potential employers.

You can assist in this process by simply filling out our user-friendly employer profile below! So, if you are an employer looking to hire (or if you know of an employer who is looking to hire) please contact us or fill out an employer profile. Someone from Jumpstart will follow up with you with next steps!


Whether you have immediate openings available or are interested in learning more about the skills of the Syrian newcomers fill out the form below and we'll contact you shortly.


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