Skilled newcomers who are seeking meaningful employment opportunities and are interested in joining Welcome Talent Canada should complete the application form. A Program Coordinator will contact qualified applicants.



  • Must hold refugee or claimant status

  • Eligible to work in Canada

  • Currently unemployed or not working in their professional field

  • Actively seeking employment opportunities

  • Have been in Canada for two years or less

  • Strong grasp of English or French languages

  • Graduated from a post-secondary education program or have equivalent professional work experience



  • Gain better understanding of the Canadian workplace and industries of interest

  • Learn about methods to search for employment opportunities

  • Obtain information and interview tips

  • Create and expand a professional network on LinkedIn

  • Receive ongoing support, guidance, and advice to help achieve career goals

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*Jumpstart requires that our refugee talent hold status as a Government-Assisted Refugee, privately sponsored refugee, or as an in-country claimant.
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