Welcome Talent Canada encourages mentors from various professional backgrounds to participate. Our greatest need is to identify professionals with engineering, financial services, and IT experience.



  • A minimum of two years of professional experience

  • Strong understanding of their industry and access to an active professional network

  • A minimum of one-hour, bi-weekly, over 6 months (total 12 hours). These hours can be done in person, over the phone, or online


The role of the mentor

  • Commit to the mentoring relationship

  • Share information, give feedback, and provide impartial advice

  • Support and encourage to facilitate success

  • Communicate principles and practices of the Canadian workplace and business culture

  • Help the mentee develop a professional network

  • Advise the mentee on effective job search strategies



  • Enhanced leadership and coaching skills

  • Improved knowledge of the job market

  • Greater perspective on both challenges and skills of newcomers entering the job market

  • Stronger professional network

  • Give back, feel good!

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