What is the program?


  • Welcome Talent Canada, a LinkedIn initiative in collaboration with Refugee Career Jumpstart Project (RCJP), is looking to provide newcomers with the tools and resources to help them jump start their professional careers in Canada and find meaningful employment opportunities.

  • The program is centered around newcomer job-seekers in Toronto and Montreal with advanced English or French skills. It has two main components:

    • First, program participants are trained by RCJP on how to leverage LinkedIn’s resources to find employment, grow their network, develop new skills, create a strong professional identity, and research the Canadian job market.

    • Second, newcomers are provided mentorship through a matched LinkedIn member, who will help them with their entry into the Canadian job market.

  • All program participants and mentors will receive ongoing support from RCJP to ensure successful experiences for both job-seekers and mentors.




  • Mentors and mentees are required to submit a quick application form.

  • A Program Coordinator will schedule a phone call with those that qualify to participate.

  • The coordinator will match each mentee with a suitable mentor based on their profession.

  • Mentees will attend an orientation workshop where they learn how to best leverage LinkedIn’s resources to find employment, grow their network, create a strong professional identity and research the Canadian job market. Program Coordinators will then  facilitate introductions between mentors and mentees and help schedule first meetings that will allow mentors to learn more about their mentee’s skills, qualifications, and goals. While an in-person meeting is highly encouraged for the first meeting, a phone call could be sufficient.

  • Mentors and mentees will then maintain an ongoing relationship and will complete 13 hours of mentoring throughout the duration of the program. A one-hour bi-weekly communication is recommended.