The Refugee Career Jumpstart Project (RCJP) is a Canadian non-profit focused on streamlining the process between the arrival of Syrian refugees and their employment. Founded in 2015, RCJP supports Syrian newcomers in their entry into both the education and job markets.

We are made up of a network of board members, staff members and dedicated volunteers united by one mutual goal: ensuring the success and prosperity of Syrian newcomers, by enabling them to continue their careers and rebuild their lives in Canada. 



Every day we meet families who have survived years of refuge in countries neighbouring Syria. These families consist of hardworking, ambitious adults and hopeful children who have finally been given a chance to rebuild their lives in a free and peaceful country. Many are eager to resume their lives where they were abruptly stopped in Syria, by starting fresh in Canada.

We strongly believe that RCJP can play a major role in helping the newcomers build a strong foundation upon which they can prosper in Canada. The men and women we meet daily are the professionals, skilled tradespeople, and ambitious entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Their young children are the essence of the future Canadian economy. By helping working-age Syrian newcomers establish themselves with rewarding careers in Canada, we simultaneously ensure that they and their children can reach their full potential. Easy and efficient connections with meaningful employment opportunities would contribute to the success of the newcomers, their communities, and the Canadian economy as a whole.

Ultimately, we want RCJP to become a model that can be replicated across Canada; not only for Syrian newcomers, but for newcomers of any background. 



RCJP recognizes that it is never too early to begin building your career in Canada. Following this philosophy, we have been working on-the-ground by meeting with Syrian newcomers and developing their skills profiles since the first large group of newcomers arrived in Toronto hotels.  The objective behind meeting with newcomers is to connect them with positions and to understand their work backgrounds and ambitions in Canada.

By conducting individual interviews in Arabic, the RCJP team assists newcomers by identifying transferrable skills which would aid them in their search for work in an unfamiliar Canadian job market. The RCJP team acts as an initial information and referral source, supporting newcomers with a wide range of needs; from creating an email account, to drafting resumes, to finding and contacting local employment programs.

In addition to the above examples, we have also been laying the ground work with Canadian companies of all sizes to ensure there is a supply of jobs for the newcomers. We have also partnered with Magnet, an organization based out of Ryerson University, to tailor a custom-made, world-class job matching platform to enable employers and Syrian newcomers to connect. Additionally, we are working with leading employment and settlement agencies in the GTA to support the newcomers not only in their job search, but in career development, language training, access to education through scholarships, and other opportunities.