Welcome Talent Canada Mentorship Action Plan:

The Program Breakdown

Duration: 6 months

Commitment: 12 hours, 1 hour/week

Before the process begins

  1. Mentors and mentees are required to complete and submit a brief application form online.

  2. Program Coordinators will schedule a phone call with those that qualify to participate.

    • The coordinator will match each mentee with a suitable mentor based on their profession and areas of interest.

Month 1

Getting to know each other

Program Coordinators will then facilitate introductions between mentors and mentees and help schedule first meetings that will allow mentors to learn more about their mentee’s skills, qualifications, and professional goals. An in-person meeting is typically required for the match introduction, but a phone call can be permitted if necessary.

Mentors and mentees will maintain an ongoing relationship and will complete 12 hours of mentoring throughout the duration of the program. A one-hour bi-weekly meeting (either in person or on the phone) is recommended.

Month 2

Mentor in Action

The mentor should actively be putting the mentee in contact with those within their networks that can meet for coffee with the mentee and discuss potential opportunities.

Should the mentor come across an opportunity that they believe their mentee would be suitable for, they should advise the mentee and encourage them to apply.

Month 3

Mentee in Action

The mentee is encouraged to identify connections on their mentor’s LinkedIn profile and ask the mentor if introductions can be facilitated.

Additionally, the mentee is encouraged to identify at least 5 new jobs to apply to.

It is strongly recommended that mentees ask application-specific advice from their mentors.

Month 4

Interview Insights

Mentors and mentees will discuss interview experience and numbers of interviews completed to date in Canada. The mentor can offer advice on how to land an interview and secure the position.

If desired, the mentor can conduct a mock interview/phone interview with the mentee and offer feedback.

Month 5

Involving Your Company

The mentor can arrange for the mentee to meet either a recruiter or an HR employee from their workplace if appropriate.

The mentor is also encouraged to invite the mentee to lunch with his/her colleagues at work.

Month 6

All in Action

The mentor and mentee should discuss the program outcomes: challenges, successes, and tips for the future. Feedback should be shared with us at Jumpstart, so that we know how to improve the program!

If a job has not been secured by month 6, the mentor should help the mentee plan for ongoing career and professional development.

If a job has been secured, the mentor can offer guidance and support to the mentee to take in order to best transition into their new role.